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We are all about ... KAWAII adjective ~ the quality of being cute, or items that are cute. ~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~ This listing is for a set of 4oz bottle of resin and 4oz bottle of hardener. Mixing ratio is 1:1. Instructions for 2 Part Epoxy Resin Epoxy resin comes in two parts: a resin (4oz) and a hardener (4oz). Mixing the resin and hardener together prompts a chemical reaction, transforming them from a liquid into a solid. Measuring accurately and mixing thoroughly is essential to making sure your epoxy resin cures properly. Step 1: Measure accurately epoxy resin 1 : 1, meaning that it requires equal parts of epoxy and hardener in order to catalyze and cure. Adding too much of either epoxy or hardener will alter the chemical reaction and the mixture will not cure properly. For example 1oz Resin to 1oz Hardener or 2g Resin to 2g Hardener. Step 2: Slowly mix the epoxy and hardener together for at least 3 whole minutes. Scrape the sides and bottom of the container as you mix. Improperly mixed resin stuck to the sides and bottom won't be able to catalyze and therefore won't be able to cure, leaving sticky spots in your resin that just won’t harden. Step 3: Cast and pour. If bubbles appear eliminate them after you've poured and spread the resin. A heat gun is very effective in popping surface bubbles by a quick pass over the area. Step 4: Let your resin piece sit, covered to cure for at least 24hrs. After allowing your resin to fully cure remove it from your mold. ** Remember to always practice safety first. Wear gloves and eye wear when dealing with uncured resin. Always wash your hand thoroughly with soap after use. Keep out of reach of children and pets. ** Tips - Resin will initially be a very thin viscosity which is perfect for casting thicker resin pieces. Letting the resin sit for 10 mins after mixing the A + B parts lets the bubbles rise to the surface and pop easily. - For doming, let the resin sit for 1-3 hrs to thicken to your liking. Thinner resin is harder to retain surface tension. - You may layer your resin by letting layers semi cure between pours. - Be creative by adding glitters, powders, resin dyes and much more! ~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~ Check out our Policies if you have any questions about ordering. https://www.etsy.com/shop/CrunchySushiDay/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav ~**~**~ Need More Mold Tools? ~**~**~ Make sure to check out our Resin Tools section for even more crafting needs.